Buckeye Service Dog's Operation Co-Train FAQ

Get help training your own Psychiatric Service Dog through our Co-Train program!

What are Psychiatric Service Dogs?

Nearly half of the requests BSD receives are for psychiatric service dogs.  These dogs are trained to perform specific tasks that assist in the management of severe symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and OCD –  and the symptoms that can accompany them.

What is Operation Co-Train?

Co-Train is designed to equip qualified clients in the Central Ohio area with the knowledge and skills to choose and train their own psychiatric service dog, under the expert coaching and watchful eye of our experienced BSD training staff.


What are the benefits of Co-Train?

Fee Reduction.  The average cost of a psychiatric service dog trained by BSD is $12,500.  Because Co-Train clients will house their own dogs and do the majority of the training, our fees for the Co-Train program are $7,5000 – a savings of $5,000.


Other Benefits:

  • If the client’s pet passes our evaluation, it can be trained it to become a psychiatric service dog.

  • If the participant does not have a suitable dog, we will provide the instruction and guidance to help select the right dog. (Please don’t go choose a dog before classes begin!)

  • Clients experience satisfaction and a sense of empowerment as they train their own dogs.

  • Upon graduation, Co-Train students will receive a diploma from BSD stating you have completed the class and your dog meets the legal criteria for a psychiatric service dog.

  • Graduates will be invited to all BSD public outings and events. During these outings you can receive ongoing instruction or follow-up help with your dog.  You will also enjoy meeting other trainers and clients, socializing and swapping dog stories.

What are the eligibility criteria for the Co-Train program?

  • A letter from mental health professional stating your diagnosis and need for a psychiatric service dog.  You must also sign a release so we can speak to your mental health professional

  • 14 years or older

  • Submit an application to and have an assessment appointment with BSD.

  • Determined by BSD to be a good candidate for the program.

  • You must live in the Central Ohio area and/or be willing to travel weekly for approximately six months to Central Ohio in order to participate in OCOT classes.

  • Unless other arrangements are made in advance, the program fee of $7,500 must be paid in full at the beginning of the course.


What if I miss a class?

Your instructor will be available for 30 minutes prior to class each week to review the previous session and help those who missed previously.