Canine Compatability

Finding the right dog for people is something I have always enjoyed doing. When you see the bond between the right dog and person, it's a great feeling for all. So many people see a cute puppy or a sad looking face at the pound and buy the dog without thinking of some incredibly important aspects:


Do you have time for the dog? Does its energy level and personality match yours? Is it a suitable dog for kids/elderly? Is it a breed that can bark a lot and you live in an apartment? Are you able to give a bigger dog the correction it needs?

There are so many amazing breeds of dog and some people jump on the bandwagon of whatever is the current popular breed or mix. There is so much more to finding a dog than buying the cutest one you see.


Let me help you find a dog that is in need of a new furever home that would be a great fit for you and your family. I will evaluate dogs for temperament, personality, energy level, and more just for you.

$500 Fee. Includes a go home lesson and follow up lesson.

Buyer is responsible for reimbursing any associated fees.