Terms & Conditions



More than 24 hours notice: 50% refund, no reschedule.

Less than 24 hours notice: No refunds available after that time. No reschedule.


For private session packages, we will refund the fee that remains after charging regular price for the sessions used. If you give 7 days’ notice and didn’t use any sessions, we will refund the entire fee. Ex: If you have used 2 of the 5 sessions we will subtract the regular cost of 2 sessions from your fee and refund the rest.


Private sessions must be used within 6 months of purchase.




Registration for training implies that you have agreed to the following:

I understand that attendance at a dog training session may pose some risk to myself, members of my family, my guests, and my dog(s) and expressly assume the risk of any damage or injury (to myself, my dog(s), and/or any minors attending a dog training session with me) incurred as a result of a dog training session conducted by or on behalf of Katie’s Canine Connection.

I understand that it is my responsibility to supervise my dog(s) for their safety and the safety of other dogs and people.

If I am bringing children to the session, understand that it is my responsibility to supervise them for their safety and the safety of the dogs.

I am responsible for damages caused by my dog(s) and/or my guests and family members.

To minimize all risks, I agree to disclose to the trainer any danger or sensitivities my dog(s) may present. I will immediately inform the trainer of any situations that may provoke aggression in my dog(s) and be responsible for avoiding those situations.

In consideration of my participation in a dog training session or sessions conducted by or on behalf of Katie’s Canine Connection, I, on behalf of myself and any minors attending the dog training session(s) with me, waive, release, and agree to hold harmless Katie’s Canine Connection and any and all of its employees, volunteers, agents, insurers, and successors from any and all causes of actions, claims, demands, losses, injuries, and damages of any kind which may be sustained by them or their dog(s) in connection with the dog training session.




Client agrees, understands and acknowledges that the elimination or modification of behaviors is not guaranteed. Client acknowledges that dog training will not provide exact results and that failure to follow the professional advice given to them by Katie’s Canine Connection may result in an escalation of behavior and training issues. Client further agrees to accept responsibility for any damages their dog may cause through malicious, aggressive or improper behavior that may occur before, during or after all services provided by Katie’s Canine Connection. Furthermore, Client understands and agrees that if their dog is injured in a dog fight or an accident, gets fleas, ticks or worms, contracts any illness or disease, is lost or stolen, becomes pregnant, or engages in any dangerous, vicious or unwanted behavior, during or after all services provided by Katie’s Canine Connection at Client’s Home or Business or any other location, that Client accepts the risk and agrees that Katie’s Canine Connection shall not be held responsible for it or any resulting injuries, losses, damages, costs or expenses.




All information received will remain confidential, unless specific permission has been requested and received to post to our website or printed materials, as on the testimonials page. No home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, or billing information will be given or sold to another party.



I give my permission to Katie Wedgeworth and Katie’s Canine Connection to use my likeness or my dog’s likeness in photograph or video from training lesson(s) for use in any or all of Katie’s Canine Connection’s media including but not limited to printed and digital publications. I understand and agree that any photograph or video using my likeness or my dog’s likeness will become property of Katie’s Canine Connection and I will receive no compensation for my participation.