Potty Training

Many people think that potty training a dog is simply teaching them that outside is where to go potty, and inside is not. There is much more to it though! Potty training is also muscle training. Puppies and dogs who have never been potty trained have no control over their bladder and bowels. It takes time and consistency to help them develop the muscle to be able to “hold it” and to teach them that outside is the appropriate place to potty.


Be sure to give your dog enough time — 5 to 10 minutes — to figure out what they’re supposed to do: potty! While outside, don’t let your dog play. Instead, walk around the yard/area while repeating your keyword (whatever command you want to use).


A.  If they do go potty, give lots of praise and bring them inside for some playtime!

     1. Bring them outside again at the appropriate time according to the schedule.

B.  If, after 10 minutes they haven’t gone, bring them in without giving praise or treats. From here you have two options with one important theme: they are NOT allowed to roam around free. So, you can:

     1. Put your pup in their cage, or

     2. Put them on a leash and keep them close. 


15 minutes later, repeat B until they do go potty.


This may seem excessive but it helps to speed up the potty training process. Personally, I would rather spend more time each day over fewer days than less time over more days (or months!)







The fewer opportunities your dog has to fail (at holding it while inside the house),

the faster your dog will develop and learn the routine!

Other Essential Times to Take an Un-Potty Trained Dog Out

  • The FIRST thing each morning (they can’t hold it, you can!)

  • Feed your dog at the same times each day and take them out 5 - 10 minutes after finishing.

  • Right before you leave the house whether its for work, school, shopping, etc.

  • EVERY time your dog wakes up from a nap.

  • Whenever someone comes over take them out right before they arrive. Getting too excited can cause an accident. – If they do have an accident from excitement DO NOT scold them!

  • If your dog has had a lot of water to drink, take them outside immediately.

  • Any time throughout the day that your dog stops and looks at you or walks to the door, treat it as a sign that they have to go outside.

  • One last time within 10 minutes of turning out the lights and going to bed.

Never scold a dog for having an accident unless you catch them in the act. If you do catch them, give them a stern “NO” and immediately take them outside.

Never get physical!


2 – 3 months

4 – 5 months

6 – 7 months

8 – 11 months

1+ year


1 – 2 hours

3 - 4 hours

5 -6 hours

7 - 8 hours

9 - 10 hours